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Vitamin A 1

Vitamin A 1

Video Transcript:

If there is one thing I will never go without, it is my Vitamin A. Vitamin A is the gold standard for both clearing acne, and improving aging skin. It is a must-have for either of these home care routines.

This is one of the few topical products that can even reverse skin damage, reduce unbalanced skin discoloration, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I use a specific form of vitamin A called Retinyl Propionate, which is gentle yet effective and won’t irritate your skin like some of the other forms can.

I have three levels of vitamin A: level one, level two, and level three.

Everyone starts with level one. You need to finish a whole bottle of that before proceeding to level two, and then you need to finish the whole bottle of that before proceeding to level three.

Don’t skip a step. Your skin takes time to adjust to each level.

For your Vitamin A product, I want you to use it in the evening only. If you’re just starting on level one, I just want you to use it one to two days per week according to your skin's tolerability. Then, add a day every week until eventually you’re sleeping in it seven nights a week.

So the amount you use - just one pump in your fingertips (like all the other things we do). Tap it in all areas, staying away from the eyes, and then go back and massage. And there we go!

For sensitive skin, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take a pump of the Peptide Moisturizer, and a pump of the Vitamin A. Mix them together, and apply it to your skin that way. That’ll help cut down on the sensitivity.

There are some contraindications for using Vitamin A, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding don’t use it for now. And if you have active skin cancer, I don’t want you using that right now as well.

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