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Acne Med 5%

Acne Med 5%

Video Transcript:

Acne Med is recommended for those with acne, acne rosacea, or can be used for a spot treatment for those with an occasional break out.

My acne med-gel is a water-based formulation that contains benzoyl peroxide.

This formulation helps penetrate the pores where it fights acne causing bacteria.

It helps unclog pores and keeps them from clogging.

If you are now starting a bottle of the 5%, I want to make sure you have finished a whole bottle of the 2.8% first.

I want you to apply acne med in the evening only and I want you to cleanse and tone first (always keeping away from the eyes when you apply it).

A little tip with the acne med is if you put a little bit of Vaseline in the corner of your eyes, or the corner of your mouth. It won’t migrate onto your lips and cause them to peel, and it won’t migrate into your eyes as well.

There are two different ways to use acne med and I’m going to show you both options.

The first way to do the acne med is using it as a mask.

So I am just going to put a pump of it (maybe two) in my skin. You do not need very much!

In your fingertips, apply all over and then massage (remembering to keep it away from your eyes) all over to the infected area.

Let it set for 15 minutes and then cleanse your skin, rinse it off, and pat dry.

The second option to use the acne med is to use it every other night, and to mix it with some moisturizer.

So I have a pump of moisturizer in my hand here, and then I’m going to add a small pea size amount of acne med to it.

I’m gonna mix it in my fingertips, and then I’m going to apply it to all affected areas (making sure I stay away from my mouth and my eyes).

If you don’t break out on your forehead or in a certain area, there’s no need to apply it there, just apply it to the affected areas.

Then you just sleep in it, and in the morning make sure you rinse it off really well with warm tepid water, and remember to always use SPF!

If you have really sensitive skin, acne med is not appropriate for you. Or if you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

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