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Acne Cleanser

Acne Cleanser

Video Transcript:

This is one powerful cleanser that cleans deep into your pores and offers a reduction in the acne, causing bacteria.

It is perfect for active acne, but do not overuse -- it demands respect.

Now with acne cleanser, I do want to warn you up front. It has benzoyl peroxide in it so it will stain.

We want to use white wash cloths, and probably shouldn’t be wearing black or colored clothes while you’re doing this. (But I’m not going to go to any further than my chin today.)

It also is not safe around the eyes. I want you to keep it outside of your orbital bone!

For the acne cleanser, what we want to do is start with tepid water again.

So with your tepid water, you want to rinse your face a little bit first. Then again with small circular motions (remembering to keep it away from your orbital bone ) rub it in for about 30 seconds.

On the acne cleanser, there is really no reason to go for 60 seconds.

Then rinse thoroughly and tap dry. No rubbing with your washcloth! Especially if you have active acne.

And there we go!

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