New Client Analysis

Advanced Skin Analysis

60 mins | $125 | Please read our policies

All new clients begin with a personalized Skin Analysis so that I can establish the best program for you. I will use diagnostic tools to determine your skin’s condition including hydration, texture, oils, and other factors. I will also review your diet, lifestyle, medications, genetics, and the products you are currently using. This information helps me to create a customized program for your skin that includes both in-clinic treatments and home care products.


  • A thorough diagnostic analysis of your skin

  • Clinical visuals, which allow us to see what lies beneath the surface of your skin

  • Introduction to clinical skin care, with a program tailored just for you


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we analyze your skin?

It is important to know what is lurking below the surface of your skin so that I can determine your treatment plan.

What does the skin scanner do?

The skin scanner works by taking photographs of your skin under different types of light. This allows me to see where the redness, brown spots, and wrinkles are traveling, as well as to check for sun damage.

What does the SD 202 do?

It measures your skin’s level of hydration, oil, brown spots, and redness.

How frequently do I need this analysis?

Approximately six to nine months into your treatment plan so we can see your progress and make any adjustments if necessary.