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Peptide Mosturizer

Peptide Mosturizer

Video Transcript:

Welcome to our quick guide on the incredible benefits of our peptide moisturizer. Get ready for youthful glowing skin with hydration and health.

Let's jump into the essentials. Peptide moisturizer is a game changer for your skin. It is packed with antioxidants. It helps reduce fine lines and boost collagen for a younger look.

It is very lightweight, so no greasy feeling throughout the day. It is also very versatile an ideal for acne prone and aging skin, including that difficult adult hormonal acne.

Let's talk about some key ingredients that peptide moisturiser contains. The first one is zinc. We've all heard of zinc, but it is amazing for antibacterial purposes for clearing skin that has acne and for wound healing.

Secondly, we have our copper peptides. It helps reduce the scarring or the red pigmentation left over from acne and helps promote collagen and elastin.

Finally, our hero, which is Penteipeptide 17, and it is busy fighting wrinkles and keeping your skin hydrated. Here's how to use peptide moisturizer.

I want you to cleanse and tone your face to prepare your skin. I want you to take one to two pumps.

I personally only need about one pump and then I want you to just gently tap around your face avoiding the eye areas all the way down your neck to your deckletay and then I want you to use an upward motion and go back and massage it in.

Always go against gravity. Here's a pro tip for you. For the best results, parent with our hydrating serum. It'll be amazing.

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