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Creamy Cleanser

Creamy Cleanser

Video Transcript:

Unlike gentle cleansing gel creamy cleanser has a different approach to it.

Let me walk you through it.

So we’re always gonna start with tepid water -- never hot water -- because it will strip the barrier of your skin and leave your skin feeling dehydrated.

Now with our creamy cleanser. When we put our creamy cleanser on, we actually start with a dry face. So I am going to put a pump of creamy cleanser in, and you’re going to massage it in your fingertips.

You could get your fingertips a tiny bit damp if you wanted to so it glides a little easier.

It’s also safe to go over the eyes, so you just massage it and if you need again, just get your fingertips all wet. But as you can tell with a creamy cleanser, you don’t want to use a ton of water at the beginning. It’s just more effective for removing make up and that’s just in general how you should use a a creamy cleanser.

Do it for about 30 seconds in small, circular motions. Be thorough and then rinse!

Then we pat dry -- never never rub with your washcloth! Always be gentle, be kind to your skin!

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