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All Day Quench Moisturizer

All Day Quench Moisturizer

Video Transcript:

I am so excited for you to use my All Day Quench Moisturizer - a moisturizer for thirsty skin.

It took a long time to create this formula, as I wanted a rich and creamy moisturizer that would not only heal the barrier of your skin, but I also wanted it to be safe for those who struggle with acne. I finally did it, and it’s amazing.

Formulated with a highly potent ingredient called the Chaga Mushroom. It will restore your skin's barrier, protect your skin's DNA from environmental damage and improve mild to moderate atopic dermatitis.

It’s going to be a creamy brown color, but not to worry it won’t make your face brown or stain any clothing - it’s just the color of the mushroom.

There are two times a day that you will be using the All Day Quench Moisturizer. First, in the morning after your cleansing, toning, and then use your Vitamin C Complex. Then in the evening after you cleanse, tone, and use your Vitamin A.

The amount you’re gonna want to use is about half a pump in your fingertips. Just like everything else, tap tap tap tap - staying away from your eyes. Then go back and massage it in. Enjoy your hydrated skin without feeling greasy!

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