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11% Mandelic Serum

11% Mandelic Serum

Video Transcript:

Mandelic serum is recommended for all types of skin prone to acne, folliculitis and hyper pigmentation.

My formulation of mandelic serum is alcohol free and provides a light exfoliation for your skin without irritation.

This also includes an ingredient called niacinamide that lightens and brightens the overall appearance of your skin. It is amazing for post acne marks, as well as rosacea because it helps the information and the redness that comes along with rosacea.

We are now starting the bottle of 11% Mandelic Serum which means you went through a bottle of the 8% Mandelic Serum.

After cleansing and toning in the A.M., I want you to start with one pump in your fingertips of the mandelic serum, tap it all around the area want (you don’t need this on your neck and décolleté just your face is fine), and then go back and massage it in.

Stay away from the eye area, and when it’s dried, you can apply your chosen moisturizer over it.

Do not use this product if you are dehydrated to begin with or if you have an allergy to almonds.

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